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Which meant everyone in the hostel would be buying beers or vodka and we would be hanging out until the wee hours of the morning. That’s when Alka put two hands over his heart, and then pointed them at me. Alka heard train and the debate about me staying with him in Mongolia started all over again. As I left the hostel to catch my train to Beijing I couldn’t help but wonder if Alka would remember anything from the night before. My farewell party didn’t turn out the way I had expected it to, but I’ve provided plenty of entertainment and stories for the others. The festivities had barely begun when the doorbell to the hostel rang. Before Alka would let go of my hand, he wanted me to say I wouldn’t go to Beijing and that I would stay in Mongolia with him. I just said thank-you and yelled for one of the girls from the hostel. Once she knew what was happening, she couldn’t stop laughing. This time he said he would take me to his home the next afternoon and that in the morning he would kill an animal. He was stilled sleeping in the dorm room the staff uses and Mama had this 45 year-old man pretty much grounded. "Red foods" were usually meat and were the main food source during the winter, usually boiled and served with wild garlic or onions.The Mongols had a unique way of slaughtering their animals to get meat. Then the butcher would cut its chest open and rip open the aorta, which would cause deadly internal bleeding.Initial examinations found that 'it was quite possible that the traces of a blow to the mummy's facial bones were the cause of her death'.

The Mongols rarely drank milk fresh, but often used it to create other foods, including cheese and yogurt.

In recent times, relations between the sexes have been beset by much disorder, brought about by various factors, among them the existence of gender roles which have their origin in economic structures that appeared during the Industrial Revolution and its destruction of traditional communities where the woman had a more weighty position in society than she was to be allotted in what we call modern civilization.