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10-Nov-2016 06:24

With every year international marriages become more and more popular. If to believe to statistics that the number of international marriages increase with every year...Lots of US men and men from Western countries look for wives in countries of Eastern Europe such as Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. Does it mean that with every year more and more Western men become less self-confident and have a deep desire to be accepted by...While Ukraine is on fire, other countries are trying to benefit from it.Over the past week, Russian media sites have been discussing rumours that Swedes are set to buy a huge amount of Ukrainian black soil - a rich soil that contains a number of chemicals that help plants grow.But while Russian social media have been rife with speculation that a deal is set to be done, with the soil to cost just five euros per tonne, Swedish officials have denied the rumours."It's the first time I've heard of it”, Andreas von Beckerath, the Ambassador of Sweden to Ukraine, told Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter last week.Rus lived in Ukraine area long before Ukraine was known as Ukraine the Rus-Swede (with a small amount of Danish and Norwegian inlaws) as the Kiev Rus were living in Ukraine area long before the language called Ukrainish was formed, had it’s grammar and written sources!Among those who can give correct, not Ukraine nationalistic but true history of Kiev Empire are: * Several Greek monks. * Rimbert, Vita Ansgarri (the history before 861 AD event and up to 865 confirms almost all in Nestor’s Chronicle. ) * Ibn Miskawaih, The Eclipse of the Abbasid Caliphate, Oxford 1921.

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Over the years they have had Swedish-Rus settlers and rulers, Khazarian rulers (Hebrew speaking people belonging to the Jewis tradition), Mongul rulers, belonged to the Ottoman Empire, belonged to Poland as well as Bulgarian rulers and so on…

I had two colleagues in Sweden that got married to Russian women simply because they had no ambition of doing housework or raising/looking after kids.