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Stanley No 6 Type 13 (single patent date behind frog) with older lever cap (type 12? The japanning is very good and I would estimate is 95% there.

There are a few old drops of paint that you can see...

Most, though, sold their inclinometers in cast-iron or wooden frames—hard woods with brass accents were the rule.

One of the companies most highly regarded for its inclinometers was Davis Level & Tool Co., whose pierced-and-japanned cast-iron housings resembled the trimwork on the Victorian Era homes they helped build.

This information was originally on Jay Sutherland's website, but it went inactive sometime in 1999 or 2000. The screw may then be tightened, by a turn with thumb and finger; and the Cap iron will serve as a convenient handle, or rest, in whetting or sharpening the cutting edge of the Plane Iron." There you have it, in all its gory, why the circular hole was repositioned, after it being at the top of the blade for some 100 years. However, the patent drawing for the change shows what I believe is the real reason for the change - the circular disk, on the lower end of the lateral adjustment lever, loses its ability to engage the slot provided for it (in the cutter) when the iron is nearly used up.

After all, who wants to sleep in a bed that been placed on a sloping floor, and if your brick patio is laid at the wrong angle, the winter rains will saturate your home’s foundations rather than running off harmlessly into your flower beds or lawn.

There are two types of antique levels of interest to collectors of antique tools.

The information in this Web page is derived from a type study done by Roger Smith, in his book "Patented Transitional & Metallic Planes in America." Patrick Leach reformatted the type study and added comments based on his experience with Stanley planes.

I converted the type study to hypertext and added the plane dating flowchart and feature timeline.has probably gone through many hands and changing fortunes.

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