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06-Aug-2016 16:46

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First note: there are two different kinds of methods in C (and a number of other languages), the .Virtuality enables runtime polymorphism by enabling overriding.

When a player first creates their account, an email is required.If the player has Bubble Chat and/or Safe Chat, next to the chat bar there will be a purple button with a question mark on it.This takes the place of the blue arrow on the panel in Safe Chat.Only downside there is, you have to manually (or some cronjob) clear chatrooms and other chat history, maybe they bring out more functions later? But as far, i find it usefull (Cometchat) for users to take rapid chats on what ever is hot on forums/site. if your members just are active enough to use chat also.

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Now that this is out of the way, let's look at the differences.

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